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Dive & Smile©

Dive & Smile©


Learn scuba diving

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Learn scuba diving as well as diving in apnea with IFDI (International Fun Diving Instructors). This is easy, fun and safe. IFDI is a neutral and international organization that regroups scuba divers and instructors from different diving organizations under the international ISO standards that set high quality norms. Read more...

Select your diving level:   Diver   or   Instructor

Select your diving level:

Diver   or   Instructor

Yes Very ecologic website

Yes Great tips for the divers in apnea

Yes Diving courses that go straight to the point

Yes Diving certifications that meet the ISO standards

Yes Online diving log book for the scuba divers

Yes Zero license fee for the instructors

Yes Available in 90 languages

Comments of some IFDI instructors:

“I especially like the theoritical lessons of IFDI that go straight to the point.”  by John Stoll, IFDI instructor in USA.

“I am not a very computer person ! The registration was simple and fast ! My students were happy about the fact that they can find so easy the theory of diving online and in chinese, and I must say I am also happy about it ! Wink I believe in IFDI , and I'm glad I'm part of IFDI !”  By Irini Matsentidou, IFDI instructor in Europe.

“IFDI is the future in scuba diving.”  by Antonis Adamou, IFDI instructor in Europe.

“I have been an instructor for 30 years and I have moved from one "sectarian diving agency" to another. I believe that you have the right approach at IFDI. I am more than happy with your IFDI initiative.”  by Rudy Poitiers, IFDI instructor in Asia.

Articles about us:


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2nd article: www.uw360.asia/international-fun-diving-instructors/

IFDI has instructors in these 46 countries:

- Argentina - Aruba - Australia - Austria - Belgium - Brazil - Canada - Cayman Islands - China - Costa Rica - Croatia - Cyprus - Denmark - Dominica - Dominican Republic - Egypt - France - Germany - Greece - Hong Kong - Indonesia - Italy - Japan - Malaysia - Maldives - Mexico - Netherlands - Netherlands Antilles - Northern Mariana Islands - Papua New Guinea - Philippines - Portugal - Romania - Russia - Samoa - Singapore - Slovenia - Spain - Taiwan - Thailand - Trinidad & Tobago - Turkey - United Kingdom - United States of America - Uruguay - Viet Nam -

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