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Information for instructors

Yes Your instructor diploma can be validated at no cost at IFDI.

Yes Your annual license is free of charge at IFDI.

Yes IFDI = No annual fixed fees.

All together, we are IFDI: International Fun Diving Instructors.
You're not only an instructor within your current organization, you can also be an IFDI instructor.

Why should you store your divers' certifications only within your organization's database?
You may also store your divers' certifications in the neutral database of IFDI.

IFDI is to the other diving organizations what Linux is to Microsoft or Apple.
A bit like Linux with its open source code, IFDI provides an open database.

Each registration of a diver's certificate costs only US$3. The plastic card is optional. Its price is: €6 (shipping not included).
Furthermore, no need to buy books for your students. IFDI offers online theoretical courses for your students, free of charge.

Now present in more than 60 countries.
IFDI is a neutral organization of diving instructors coming from various organizations.
IFDI is based on the international ISO standards which are worldwidely recognized and common to many diving organizations.

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A few words from Olivier Dauxais, diving instructor and founder of IFDI:


We tend to be proud of our respective organizations. Would this be the fruit of a clever strategy that has jailed our mind into our current organization? We can be smarter and orient ourselves toward a neutral world such as IFDI.

Why pay more? At IFDI, prices are simply very low. You may use the traditional and expensive organizations, and therefore, support them to always be more expensive... Or, you use IFDI... Toward a smiling future. ;)

You now have the choice. I wish you a wonderful career with IFDI.

You might think that it sounds too good to be true...

Having personally spent far too much money in the traditional organizations, I have created IFDI:
A low cost organization that would spare the next generation.

The running expenses of IFDI are limited to their strict minimum : Domain and hosting fee only. No hired developer, I am the developer. Zero employee, IFDI is a fully automated platform. Zero advertising fee, I trust your word of mouth. H Olivier Dauxais.


What is the major benefit of IFDI?

IFDI is a neutral database where instructors from various organizations may register their divers' certifications at a very low cost.

What is the major difference between IFDI and the others?

At IFDI, we do not train our own instructors. We might do it later in the future...
At IFDI, we recognize without discrimination all instructors from all organizations within the ISO standards.
IFDI is designed to be a "meeting point" or a "bridge" between instructors from various organizations.

Do I need to quit my organization to become an IFDI instructor?

No, not at all. You may remain an instructor within your organization.
By becoming an IFDI instructor, you simply obtain a second diploma of diving instructor that allows you to use the IFDI services.

Do I need to remain in active status with my current organization in order to be able to certify the divers at IFDI?

No, not at all. Once validated, your IFDI instructor diploma is valid for ever, regardless of your status in the other organizations.
At IFDI, we consider that your instructor diploma should not depend on its annual payment. Like any school diploma.

How should I teach with IFDI?

Mostly like you always have. Simply invite your students to read the theoretical part and fill the online quiz of the desired course. Then, you do your "briefing" followed by your lesson in the water. The quantity of confined water lessons is left at your discretion.
The required skills for your students are displayed under the presentation of the online courses: www.ifdi.info/?Learn#ISO

We invite you to read the theoretical part in order to know what you need to explain by yourself.

May I teach other diving courses than the IFDI ones?

Yes. You are free to teach any discovery programs, free diving sessions or specific courses such as drift diver, dry suit diver...
You'll find 2 boxes for the certifications of your divers in your instructor account at IFDI: A first box for the "classic" certifications within the ISO standards and a second box for all the "specific" certifications which don't have any ISO standards.

What's the difference between the "classic" and the "specific" certification cards?

The "classic" cards display the ISO reference while the "specific" cards do not display any ISO references as they simply don't exist.

Is it possible to add an identity photo on the certification card?

Yes. Your divers may add their identity photo on their digital card before saving it in their phone or files. The identity photo is not required for the online certification but this is required for the plastic card. Please, note that IFDI does not store any identity photo.

About the IFDI certifications...

Is it fine that the divers get their diving certifications on plastic cards?

The plastic is part of the pollution of our oceans. Let's stop the plastic cards.
Let's be ecological and modern with digital certifications. This is our future.

IFDI offers an online digital certification which is available anywhere at anytime.
Your divers could also download their digital certifications in their mobile phone.


For your divers who would still wish a palpable thing in their hands...
You could print the IFDI diploma on a A4 paper with any ordinary printer.


Then, if your divers really wish a plastic card, it's still possible...

What are the responsibilities at IFDI?

It's a team work where everyone stands at its place holding responsibility for its position.

The instructor teaches and holds responsibility for it.
IFDI displays theoretical courses and holds responsibility for it.
IFDI stores lifetime diving certifications and holds responsibility for it.
The founder of IFDI ensures the perenity of IFDI and holds responsibility for it.

The above summarize is not a substitute to the official terms of use of IFDI.

How can I become an IFDI instructor?

Simply fill out the registration form. Then, upload a photo of your ID document and instructor certification at your IFDI account.
Once your documents are reviewed, you may get your IFDI instructor diploma by equivalence at no cost. As simple as that.

When was IFDI created?

IFDI was created in 2015.

What can I do to help IFDI?

You may invite the other diving instructors to join IFDI. Your word of mouth is our only mode of promotion.

Why are there not more articles about IFDI in diving magazines?

Well, we invite you to check the owner of those magazines... Or their main advertisers... ;)
Nowadays and more particularly in the diving world, the freedom of speech of journalists has became a very rare value...

IFDI, is it recognized by the WRSTC?

No. In fact, the word "member" would be more appropriate than the word "recognized". Despite our eventual beliefs, the WRSTC is not accredited by any international laws to supervise the recreational diving industry. The WRSTC is only a kind of private club that clearly states on page 5/11 in its internal rules: "Membership is granted at the sole discretion of WRSTC and may be revoked at any time..." When contacted by IFDI, they have replied anonymously by signing "Coordinator". Do you know who is at the head of the WRSTC? Why do they hide their identity? Would there be a potential conflict of interest?

IFDI, is it a member of the EUF?

No. The EUF is also not accredited by any european laws to supervise the recreational diving industry. The EUF is also a kind of club, but it seems to be more open and far more transparent than the WRSTC.

So then... To whom to refer?

ISO: "ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 162 national standards bodies." The ISO standards have been the international references, in several fields, since several decades. All the biggest diving organizations that wish to be recognized all around the world refer to the ISO standards. Have a look at your diving certification cards: You will definitely see the ISO references somewhere on your cards.

IFDI, does it conform to ISO?

Yes. The IFDI courses conform to the requirements of the ISO standards. The ISO reference number is displayed on the "classic" certification cards of IFDI. Click here to see a sample. Please, note that ISO is a registered trademark. IFDI has contacted the ISO organization and took advise from them on how to legally use the word ISO and its reference numbers.

IFDI, is it certified as "ISO compliant" ?

No. IFDI hasn't requested the certification "ISO compliant" . We might do it in the future... But this cost might impact on the final cost of the registration of your divers' certifications at IFDI... Case that we want to avoid.

IFDI, can it refer to the ISO standards without being certified as "ISO compliant" ?

Yes. IFDI can refer to the ISO standards as long as IFDI uses the right terminology and as long as IFDI and its members respect the ISO standards. This engagement is clearly stated in the terms of use of IFDI when you become an IFDI instructor.

Where are the different offices of IFDI around the world?

IFDI has zero office. IFDI is a 100% digital organization. This allows us to be far less expensive than all of the other organizations.

What are the key points of IFDI?

Neutral world. Free license for the instructors. Online learning for free. Low cost certifications. Diving log book that can be digitally signed. Secured connection. Suitable for tablets & mobiles. Available in 90 languages. Very ecological website: Ultra-light and very fast to load. Very simple to use. No useless features. Human contact at: okAtifdi.info

In short: IFDI = New spirit.

IFDI is a neutral world, where instructors from different organizations teach the same diving courses that meet the ISO standards. You may click here to view a summary of the underwater skills required at IFDI. IFDI offers theoretical courses that focus only on the essential. If your students wish more information, you're free to orient them to any diving books that you like in the other organizations.

Your membership is free of charge.

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