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Get your diving log book.

The IFDI log book is available to all the divers regardless of their organization.
IFDI offers you for free the first 3 rows. Then, it costs 7 US$ per 100 rows.

Please, enter your details, if you wish to get your IFDI log book.

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What are the key points of the IFDI log book?

The IFDI log book can be digitally signed by your instructors.
The identity and the diploma of the IFDI instructors have been reviewed, before gaining access to the ability to sign the IFDI log book.

Because IFDI is the only organization that accepts all instructors regardless of their native organization,
the IFDI log book is the only one that can be signed by all the instructors in the world.

No photo nor video in the IFDI log book. This guarantees you easy access to your diving log book even in remote islands. Furthermore, less data exchange consumes less energy and this is, therefore, better for the environment.

You may click here to read a press release about the diving log book of IFDI.

Below is a sample of an IFDI log book:

Dive N°Dive dateDive locationDive depthDive time Other info about the diveInstructor signature
32015-07-19Shark bay14 m50 min I saw 1 big peaceful shark.Pending signature
22015-07-18Manta point12 m55 min So many mantas...Ghijk Mnop IFDI GM1234567
12015-07-17Turtle reef10 m45 min I saw 3 turtles.Ghijk Mnop IFDI GM1234567
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