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Information for scuba divers - FAQ

How may I get my IFDI certification?

You may click here to see the 3 options available to you.

Do I need a log book account or a diver account in order to view my certifications?

No, not at all. Simply click here. With this said, there is also a direct button toward your certifications within your scuba diver account.

What's the difference between a log book account and a scuba diver account?

Different words but exactly same feature.

How may I get my IFDI log book?

You may simply click here to fill the registration form.

Can I add an ID photo on my certification card?

Yes. You'll find a button under your IFDI certification for this purpose.

Once you added the ID photo on your card, we invite you to click on your card in order to save it.

Do you store my ID photo at IFDI?

No. We don't store your ID photo at IFDI: Better security & privacy of your data.

For how long are my certifications valid?

Your IFDI certifications are valid for all your life.

Now, if your last dive was a while ago, you should do a small refresh dive with an instructor before the normal dives.

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