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Dear diving instructors,

You're not only an instructor within your organization, you may also be an instructor at IFDI. Indeed, whatever is your diving organization, we are all together the "International Fun Diving Instructors".

IFDI allows you to register the certification of your divers within a database that can be consulted, anywhere at anytime. No worries if your divers forget their certification card while travelling. IFDI also offers a service of online diving logbook that can be digitally signed from your instructor account.

Even better, IFDI offers free of charge online learning and online quizzes. No need to buy a book for your students. They can learn on their mobile devices. All IFDI pages are specially made for an easy and quick loading.

IFDI = New spirit.

IFDI is a neutral world, where instructors from different organizations teach the same diving courses that meet the international ISO standards. You may click here to view a summary of the underwater skills required at IFDI. These skills conform to the ISO standards requirements and are aligned with most of the other diving organizations in order to allow you easy equivalences.

At IFDI, you may also register the certifications of the divers that you meet by equivalence with their existing certifications.

IFDI offers theoritical courses that focus only on the essential. Then, if your students wish more information, at IFDI, you're free to orient them to any diving books that you like in the other organizations.

Do you need to quit your organization to become an IFDI instructor?

No, not at all. You remain an instructor in your organization. By becoming an IFDI instructor, you simply obtain a second diploma of diving instructor that allows you to use the IFDI services.

In short, what are the advantages of IFDI?

IFDI offers a secured connection: Lock https...

Suitable for mobiles and available in 90 languages.

IFDI offers low cost certifications: 3 US$ per certification.

IFDI offers free of charge online learning: Theoritical courses.

IFDI offers a service of diving log book that can be digitally signed.

IFDI is the most ecologic website of all because of its ultra-light pages.

IFDI is very fast to load: Quite appreciable for a regular use in your work.

IFDI is very simple to use. No useless features. Just the essential features.

No crossover needed and no annual license fee for the instructors at IFDI.

At IFDI, you may expect to a human contact by email at: okAtifdi.info

Your membership is free of charge. Click here to join us.

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